A report from the UK government’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has advised that the country could save up to £8 billion a year by investing in smarter infrastructure which uses electricity better. Calling for a ‘Smart Power Revolution’, the NIC also make the case that the UK needs to store much more energy from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar which generate power intermittently.

Marco Attisani, founder and CEO of cleantech company Watly, comments: “In highlighting the cost benefits of a smarter energy grid, the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission has drawn attention to just how unwieldy our current energy infrastructures can be. This can cause particular issues when developed countries try to integrate renewable sources into our existing energy grids.

“Technological advances have now given us the capability to design radical new infrastructures which not only adapt to a changing world, but shape the world to our advantage. We need to develop smart grids which create sustainable supplies of our most basic modern commodities, for instance fusing water and electricity provision with the delivery of Internet, the idea of the Energynet. As our existing power stations and energy paradigms become increasingly outdated, we must consider using the technology which is at our disposal in order to create infrastructures which are sustainable, adaptable and fit for the 21st century and beyond.”