Webdyn is launching a new gateway, based on Wireless M-Bus technology, to autonomously collect data from Wireless M-Bus meters or sensors.

The W M-Bus point-to-point radio protocol using 868Mhz is traditionally used in smart metering and smart buildings, particularly for its relatively moderate consumption.

The Wireless M-Bus is a standardised protocol. This aspect is essential when it comes to choosing a solution, as in particular it ensures compatibility between all the manufacturers.

This protocol is based on a private, non-operated network. In order to operate, a wireless Mbus network requires hubs (or gateways) that allow connection between all the sensors and a remote information system.

In free field, the distances that can be potentially covered between a sensor and the hub are of the order of a km.

The WebdynEasy W M-Bus data concentrator is designed for wireless networks using wireless M-Bus radio technology. Its main functions are the standalone collection of data from meters or wireless M-Bus sensors.

The gateway retrieves all the data collected at a single point so that it can be sent to the chosen information system. This technology is energy-efficient, the hub battery service life can exceed 10 years.