Arloid’s artificial intelligence (AI) is helping DAMAC Properties to provide a significant reduction in utility costs in Dubai. The savings are being achieved in just 30 days after a period of digital simulations in August 2022 using Deep Reinforcement Learning to learn and adjust the building’s existing Building Management System settings for precise adjustments to the cooling and ventilation systems.

DAMAC Properties, a luxury property company based in Dubai offers residential, commercial and leisure properties for sale across the region.

The ability to produce savings for DAMAC Properties in Dubai is simple: first a digital twin of the actual building is produced using the same construction materials, location, weather patterns and personnel as the real building. The AI begins to analyse settings and produces a series of simulations based on live data from the real building.

Adjustments are automatically made to the ventilating and cooling settings for optimum comfort and savings. Adjusting the settings is nothing new – previously an engineer would come along, assess and change any settings required. Now that the whole process can be done automatically and instantly means that this can be achieved exactly when it is needed without delay.

Jawad AlTamini, director of facilities management, at DAMAC explained: “There are few solutions available on the market that we’ve tried but the Arloid solution is much simpler and provides a straight-forward and much shorter process. There are many benefits for DAMAC - We are saving money and, what is important for me as a sustainability advocate, we are also reducing our carbon footprint. On top of that it’s a zero investment solution. Our results so far are good and we are ready to roll out the Arloid solution to our portfolio of 40+ properties.’’