Beckhoff Automation and solution provider partner IAconnects Technology Ltd will once again be exhibiting at Smart Buildings Show in October.

With both companies focussed on delivering energy-efficient, human-centric automation solutions for buildings, they will be demonstrating how the companies can collectively solve connectivity and data integration problems, and allow multiple stakeholders to control and visualise their building’s processes and information in real-time.

In a recent survey, over 65% of those questioned cited infrastructure as one of the main blockers for getting an IoT project off the ground.

Infrastructure costs - from Proof of Concept (PoC) to full-scale rollout - have traditionally accounted for a significant percentage of total project cost. There can be a number of reasons for this:

  • Complicated commissioning processes
  • High commissioning costs
  • Multiple gateways depending on manufacturer/devices
  • Multiple control systems
  • Multiple cloud or application instances

Using open control platforms, devices and software from Beckhoff and IAconnects that allow non-manufacturer-specific connectivity of the internet of things (IoT) to the cloud or local computers, their solutions provide seamless integration of new and incumbent equipment into on-premise or cloud platforms whilst ensuring unconstrained deployment and easy expansion.