IOTech has announced the general availability of Edge XRT v2.0. This is a major release of its open software platform designed for time-critical and embedded OT applications at the industrial IoT edge. Applications include building automation and other complex data driven industrial systems.

Edge XRT 2.0 simplifies the development of OT applications and enables faster time-to-market for new edge systems. It is hardware agnostic, independent of the silicon provider (Intel or ARM) and operating system. Users have complete deployment flexibility. They can deploy it as a native application, containerized and/or into a virtualized environment.

With its small memory footprint and efficient use of computing resources, Edge XRT 2.0 is also suitable for deployment on a broad range of edge devices (e.g. MCU, Gateway, IPC and Server class devices). It is ideal for complex data-driven building automation systems where HVAC, lighting, security and other electrical systems are connected and communicate over a single platform.

The product’s open APIs make third-party application integration very easy. Major building automation OEMs and ISVs are leveraging the product’s multi-vendor OT connectivity, cloud interoperability and high-performance. Combined with its real-time edge processing capabilities, Edge XRT 2.0 provides OEMs and ISVs the capability to create a new generation of protocol-agnostic edge solutions.

“As a configurable, embeddable, high-performance OT platform, Edge XRT 2.0 is unique,” said Andrew Foster, product director at IOTech. “It provides a rich set of OT and IoT capabilities that our customers, including those developing and managing building automation systems, can easily use to create their own edge solutions. In most cases, this is through simple configuration without the need for lots of custom code.”