Carlo Gavazzi has extended its product offering by launching the WM15 with integrated M-bus complete with an additional static port. A 96x96 panel mount power analyser for three phase systems, the integrated M-Bus functionality allows for simple reading of gas, heat and water meters.

The WM15 is used to manage and control energy consumption, main electrical variables and harmonic distortion and now includes a lasered secondary address on the front panel for unique identification aiding fast commissioning and troubleshooting on the entire system. The intuitive setup and navigation ensure an easy-to-install meter whilst the wizard and wiring check on first start-up provides a quick, guided and error free installation and commissioning via the free UCS software.

All measurements are displayed on the easy-to-read backlit matrix LCD display in both digits and bar graph format. Its front panel uses a simplified 4 push button user interface for easier switching between pages, and fast scrolling through the readout.

The WM15’s self-power supply and phase sequence detection provides error proof installation as well as various interfacing capabilities such as digital output for pulse transmission or alarm, optional RS485 Modbus RTU (100ms data refresh) and continuous sampling of each voltage and current.

The onboard optical port provides fast, easy and remote programming for mass production of electrical panels via the Optoprog battery powered device. The embedded Bluetooth 4.0 communication allows the user to connect a Smartphone (via UCS Mobile Android APP) or a PC (via UCS Desktop software) to the meter, allowing fast and easy configuration.

The WM15 power analyser conforms to Class 1 European accuracy standards EN62053-21, EN 62053-23 and EN50470-3 (Class B), CE and cUL certified.