DZS says that QuadReal Property Group (QuadReal) has leveraged DZS FiberLAN technology as a cornerstone for the successful fiber-based digital transformation of its commercial properties across Canada. Supported by Canadian systems integrator and DZS Elite partner Andorix, QuadReal has broadly implemented a world-class, converged Passive Optical LAN infrastructure from DZS to improve its customer experience, unlock significant CAPEX and OPEX savings and future-proof its Canadian portfolio of properties for the emerging hyper-connected world featuring multi-gigabit data rates, 5G services and smart buildings and spaces.

“We are excited to be working closely with DZS and Andorix to pioneer the deployment of Passive Optical LAN as the technology of choice to support base-building and tenant services in both new and existing properties,” said Thano Lambrinos, vice president, smart building technology & digital innovation at QuadReal. “With fiber-based digital connectivity foundations, we can enable smart building outcomes. These can dramatically improve operational efficiency and productivity, enhance sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. They also decrease operational and cyber risk and deliver unique services that enhance the customer experience and allow us to differentiate our properties in the market.”

To date, QuadReal has performed one of the largest rollouts of Passive Optical LAN in both existing and new buildings among North American real estate firms. Its FiberLAN deployment across over 40 of its North American assets enables the company to integrate building services such as video surveillance, HVAC, access control, public Wi-Fi, Internet of Things sensors/devices and other smart building systems both existing and planned. This unified network enables QuadReal to have access to aggregated and integrated data and analytics that can help improve operations and ultimately better serve customers and tenants.

“Commercial property and enterprise facility trends like the explosion of Internet of Things (IoT) adoption, the rise of 5G and private LTE, and the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart building innovation are all driving a surge in network traffic growth alongside the need for always-on access,” said Jay Hilbert, executive president of AEMEA Sales at DZS. “With DZS’ enterprise optical LAN solutions, which leverage our deep heritage in fiber access and customer premises equipment, QuadReal is able to connect critical base building services and enable data aggregation and integration that drives actionable insights to meet customer’s needs today and in the future. It is an honor to collaborate with our integration partner Andorix in their support of QuadReal’s standard-setting transformation and we are excited for the potential that the model they are pioneering has for transforming the economics and tenant experience for the entire industry.”