Hyperoptic is now offering discreet cabling for the installation of its full fibre service. This new system will enable Hyperoptic to increase the speed of service delivery in multi-dwelling-units (MDUs) by up to 50%, while also reducing in-building disruption.

The discreet cabling can used in both hallways and customer homes. Installing optical fibre horizontally on each floor can be extremely challenging, especially in buildings without existing duct, coving or free space. In these cases, the deployment options are limited to cutting and patching drywall to hide the fibre optic cables. This is a slow, expensive approach, which also requires more engineers.

Hyperoptic’s discreet cabling solves these challenges, as it can follow the natural line of an existing wall and is only 2mm in diameter. Any holes that require drilling can be positioned in a corner or ceiling duct, where they are less likely to be seen. No hatches or reinstatements are needed, and it can be applied with a tiny bead of adhesive – minimising the need for clips and fixings.

The cabling terminates above the customer door, with a small access box that allows installation teams to run a small connectorised fibre inside to connect service. The in-home installation takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Inside the home, the discreet cabling can fit into tiny spaces and blend into the aesthetics of a resident’s home to maintain aesthetics.

Amongst other solutions, Hyperoptic will be using InvisiLight® discreet cabling technology from OFS. InvisiLight has emerged as the ‘gold standard’ for internal fibre-to-the-premises cabling. Among its many advantages is its ability to accommodate bending at 90-degree angles, with no deterioration in broadband performance.

Liam McAvoy, MD, business development, Hyperoptic: “Deploying fibre inside buildings can be difficult and expensive. Our new discreet service is fast to install, practically invisible, and can be surface-mounted in hallways and between floors, to seamlessly connect residents to our gigabit-enabled services.

“We’re committed to providing a best-in-class service that enables us to go beyond the expected for our 250+ developer partners. By using this new discreet cabling, we’re taking our installation experience to the next level.”