DMI has announced a partnership with Wirepas to integrate Wirepas Massive mesh software into DMI’s digital twin platform, Precision Reality. This partnership delivers a scalable and reliable solution for precise positioning and real-time asset tracking in Industry 4.0. Wirepas further broadens Precision Reality’s growing ecosystem of hardware and software integrations for IoT, 3D visualization and analytics.

With a data and device-agnostic system architecture, Precision Reality was developed as a unifying digital twin platform to enable users to remotely manage their facilities in real-time, from one centralized portal. Precision Reality allows users to automate data collection, aggregate analytics and contextualize data within a visual framework. Solution sets include Track & Trace, Energy Optimization, Environmental Health & Safety, Operational Efficiency and Space Utilization. Each solution set includes a combination of devices to power analytics dashboards and rules-based alerts to reduce cost and liability, save time, increase visibility and protect critical assets.

Recognizing customers’ digital transformation journeys move at varying speeds, Precision Reality is designed with scalability and built on a Wirepas powered mesh network infrastructure using DMI’s proprietary UL listed anchor device. Installed in industrial lighting (and additionally offered with built-in lighting controls), this device is adaptable for new installations or legacy retrofits and implements a wired network backbone to future-proof facilities for years to come.

Nathan Greiner, president and CTO of DMI says, “Choosing Wirepas to partner with has propelled our platform to a place that will transform the industrial IoT market. We’ve vetted many providers in search of the best solution, and no one can match the power and value of Wirepas connectivity right now. We look forward to a growing partnership that can provide a market-leading IoT technology and platform to our customers.”

“Wirepas is looking forward to a very long partnership with DMI. For many years DMI has built and delivered solutions in the IoT, technology, and real estate spaces. The Precision Reality SaaS platform is industry leading and second to none. We are proud to have them in our Wirepas Ecosystem.”, comments Jason Herro, senior director, sales at Wirepas.