SSE Energy Solutions has delivered a project that is targeting a 20% reduction in carbon emissions across 11 major public buildings in South East England as part of an ambitious energy partnership with Medway Council.

The forecasted savings will reduce emissions by 476.5 tons of CO2, the equivalent of taking more than 2 million miles of car journeys off the roads every year.

The partnership has seen vital community assets such as libraries, theatres and leisure centres undergo a range of energy-reducing measures including the installation of rooftop solar, energy storage systems, air-source heat pumps, demand controlled ventilation, and LED lighting. The work will deliver cost-savings of 35% for the local authority, based on 2019 rates. All of the libraries have had oil boilers and gas heaters removed, with Daikin Heat Pumps installed.

Additionally, waterless urinals and ultra-low flow showers have been installed in some buildings to help reduce water usage by up to 10%. SSE has also supported the council to install 20 EV charging points at its HQ.

The retrofits, worth an estimated £3.2m, represent a significant step towards Medway Council’s ambitions of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 as their operational buildings (heating and electricity) currently account for 60% of total emissions

Medway Park Sports Centre and Gun Wharf, together account for 69% of the total energy consumed by the 11 buildings. A Solar and Energy Storage System installed by SSE Energy Solutions at the Sports Centre means it can go fully off grid for 4-to-5 hours a day.

The buildings upgraded as part of this programme will form the foundation of Medway Council’s Smart City project. Nine of the eleven buildings will be fitted with Smart Building upgrades, equipped with an Internet-of-Things embedded controller and server platform that delivers integrated control and supervision capabilities. The accompanying Building Management System will monitor all heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) services, ensuring the building operates at maximum efficiency.