Lucent W1, a new mixed-use development behind the Piccadilly Lights, is working with Freshwave so its tenants and visitors will enjoy in-building connectivity from all four mobile network operators (MNOs). Connectivity infrastructure-as-a-service provider Freshwave is deploying the 4G distributed antenna system (DAS) as an ongoing managed service.

Lucent W1 is located at the crossroads of some of London’s most famous areas, including Soho, Regent St and Mayfair. It’s built around a central open-air atrium and includes offices. Freshwave will be providing connectivity across the landlord areas with tenants able to connect to the DAS under Freshwave’s innovative pay-as-you-occupy model. The mixed-use development also includes retail and residential space.

With up to 80% of mobile data traffic generated indoors, people need to be able to use their mobiles wherever they are. But building materials like concrete and energy efficient glass often block outdoor mobile signal from entering a building. This leads to mobile signal dead zones, meaning frustration for those trying to use their phones and potentially negative impacts on productivity for businesses. An in-building connectivity system such as a DAS connected by a neutral host to all four MNOs means no matter which network someone is on they’ll be able to use their phone. And with the in-building system connecting directly into the MNOs’ core networks, the quality of service is guaranteed.

Simon Frumkin, Freshwave’s CEO, said: “The Landsec team behind Lucent W1 understood the importance of mobile signal in enticing tenants into a premium office environment. As such they’ve worked closely with us as we’ve designed a system that enables easy deployment of 4G services to all office areas, bringing assured connectivity to this development in one of the most recognisable locations in the world.”

James Rowbotham, head of workplace development at Landsec, said: “Lucent W1 is an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly Circus, providing our tenants and their visitors with a welcoming, airy space in which to collaborate and build community. We were determined to provide the best possible amenities in the building and mobile service will be no exception. We’re happy to partner with Freshwave so that everyone can enjoy seamless mobile connectivity.”