Housebuilder Avant Homes has partnered with Hyperoptic to install full fibre broadband into its new developments in 2021 and beyond. This will enable buyers to have immediate access to gigabit-capable speeds as soon as they move into their property.

Avant Homes is a leading private housebuilders in the UK operating in Scotland, North East England, Yorkshire and the Midlands. The company employs 780 people and has a turnover of £445.9m.

The partnership with Hyperoptic will provide approximately 2,000 households across 22 Avant Homes developments with its pioneering ‘full fibre’ broadband, which enables a gigabit-capable broadband service that is over 12 times faster than the UK average. Customers will also receive the first three months of their contract free of charge.

Currently only 18 per cent of the UK has access to this gold-standard of connectivity. With a full fibre connection there is a marked improvement in performance – the service is faster and more consistent, no matter what time of day it is, or how many people are connected.

Hyperoptic prides itself on delivering ‘same day’ connectivity, which means that the resident can immediately go online as soon as they move into a property. Its team has achieved 99 per cent ‘same day’ connectivity for the last four years running.

Avant Homes group technical director, John Gilbert, said: “Changing lifestyle trends and working habits means that the reliance and need for fast and reliable connectivity at home is a bigger priority than ever for our customers. We are very pleased to partner with Hyperoptic as part of our commitment to providing all our new homeowners with gigabit broadband as standard and as soon as they move into one of our homes.

“Hyperoptic is renowned in the property sector for being a trusted full fibre delivery partner – they clearly care about working in tandem to ensure that the new resident has a seamless experience as soon as they move in. Its customer-focused values are a perfect match with our own.”

The government is aiming for 85 per cent of homes to have access to a gigabit broadband connection by 2025. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport recently issued a report that found that upgrading to superfast broadband added on average between £1,700 and £3,500 to the value of a home. This is because it enables residents to work from home and cut down on commuting costs.