Hyperoptic has launched a new proposition, specifically developed to address the opportunities and challenges of Build-to-Rent (BTR) investors and operators. Its new ‘site-wide WiFi’ is enabled via a series of access points positioned throughout a development, which means as residents roam around the development, their device/s remain connected to their own individual network, which will continuously search for and connect to the nearest Access Point.

This process ‘site-wide WiFi’ is automatic, creating a seamless experience in which a resident can move throughout the development without experiencing a disruption in their connection. Other product features include: guest Wi-Fi, footfall analytics, a management portal, and competitive pricing for all-inclusive tenancy billing.

Hyperoptic has just announced nationwide deals with the likes of Barratts, CALA, and Avant Homes, which will see Hyperoptic installed as standard in all of their new-build homes. It has developed its BTR proposition in response to rising demand from BTR operators who want to digitally future-proof their developments and offer residents hyperfast full fibre development-wide connectivity.

The BTR market has maintained a positive growth trajectory despite the pandemic. According to the British Property Federation, the BTR sector now has more than 170,000 homes in the pipeline – with over 50,000 homes completed. CBRE estimates the current value of the BTR sector at nearly £14 billion, with prime net yields continuing to range from 3.25% to 4.25%.

Additional features include:

  • Site-wide Wi-Fi: As residents roam around the development, they are connected to their individual VLAN, which will continuously search for and seamlessly connect to the nearest access point to provide the strongest signal
  • Guest Wi-Fi: Guests can access a portal that enables Wi-Fi connectivity every time they visit a site
  • Footfall Analytics: The access points enable detailed usage and footfall analytics for operators, giving valuable insight into how people are moving around and engaging with their building
  • Management Portal: The portal enables BTR operators to activate and onboard new residents to their Wi-Fi connection themselves. This is supported by Hyperoptic’s Customer Service channels
  • Commercial Model: Hyperoptic offers a range of competitively priced contract lengths, contributions, and operating models. This means the client can choose to make an upfront contribution to cover some of the installation costs and benefit from a lower, ongoing operating fee or they can choose to make no contribution upfront and pay a higher operating cost.

Liam McAvoy, MD, business development, Hyperoptic: “The BTR market is an exciting sector that’s set for huge growth. As an urban-only full fibre broadband provider, we have spent the last ten years delivering and honing our broadband experience for the rental market. We understand that the relationship between tenants and their connectivity has changed – it forms the bedrock of their favourite activities, across streaming, socialising and shopping. Having a seamless experience is game-changing, and will hugely contribute to their overall positive living experience.”