Join Siemens, Europe's leader in manufacturing, on the first program of their Hackathon series: Future Buildings Hack. This event will take place from September to October, with an online bootcamp and an onsite hack held in Dubai. Startups and innovative companies will elevate the buildings of tomorrow by utilizing leading-edge applications based on Siemens’ powerful IIoT solution, MindSphere.

Let’s make buildings smarter and more sustainable

The hackathon is concentrated around developing the solutions that can take buildings to new heights. Siemens has been able to collect data analysis that has shown them the most crucial challenges imposed on the building industry. Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and where people spend most of their time.Therefore, this project aims to track the key metrics of building performance to implement a more sustainable environment, while enhancing a system that can interact with people and external elements at a smarter level. Go beyond and help implement a building environment that cares.

Discover the MindSphere Future World Series

Siemens, as the premier partner of Expo 2020 Dubai for Infrastructure Digitalization, is reshaping the future of urban living by creating a blueprint for future smart cities. In this regard, they’ve integrated Siemens technologies across 137 buildings of Expo 2020 and are making it History’s most digitalized, sustainable and secure Expo thanks to their MindSphere Smart City App. Be one of the great minds during the Future Buildings Hack taking buildings to a futuristic level.

“We are proud to be Expo 2020 Dubai’s Premier Partner for Infrastructure Digitalization. Together, we will leverage our leading industrial IoT as a service solution, MindSphere, to shape how we will live in future cities and enable those cities and their citizens to transform the everyday; effectively creating a blueprint for future smart cities around the world.” Roland Busch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG

Who can join?

This hackathon series is looking for startups and innovative companies, with the capacity to develop new solutions or repurpose an existing one that combats the pressing challenges of the building industry. The startups we are looking for should have extensive knowledge on IoT solutions, construction tech, property management, smart cities, IoT infrastructure, or real estate and construction. With the right resources, do you have what it takes to reduce the CO2 emissions of buildings, analyze assets in a smarter way, change the way buildings interact with people and external systems and more? If yes, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get mentored by the top players and implement within the Siemens MindSphere Smart City App.

A unique all-inclusive experience!

Startups or innovative companies will have the chance to implement their solution in front of major companies. This experience will allow you to work closely with the experts as well as have access to real-world insights, network with Siemens and other professionals from the building industry and win an all-inclusive experience in Dubai. Get ready to be at the heart of innovation while bringing your solution to life.

The hackathon will commence with an online bootcamp on the 13th through 20th of September 2021, continuing with an onsite hack in Dubai on the 17th through the 21st of October 2021.

Be a part of the creative community making a difference in the lives of many, Siemens wants to elevate the core elements of society: Buildings, Energy, Mobility, Industry and Water with the help of people who care to help make our world smarter, more livable and more sustainable. The first program of the core elements of the future world we are starting with is: Buildings.

Unleash your creativity and help us innovate the future of smart buildings today. Apply by September 5th!

Location: Online/Dubai, UAE