Eddy Solutions is working with MachineQ, to provide intelligent leak protection to commercial and residential properties throughout the US and Canada. With water damage accounting for 70% of commercial claims (by dollar value), this collaboration can benefit building property owners and their insurers by potentially reducing the number of claims.

Eddy Solutions utilizes MachineQ gateways and cloud-based network infrastructure, ensuring consistent LoRaWAN® connectivity in both retrofit and new developments.

The end-to-end solution enables Eddy’s devices to connect and send data securely using MachineQ’s reliable network connectivity platform for a lower total cost of ownership for customers. The evolution of MachineQ’s platform was recently announced during the latest release of its low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) platform designed to reduce complexity for businesses when developing and deploying Internet of Things (IoT) solutions at scale.

Recently, the system identified two significant leaks resulting from frozen pipes in a late-stage construction site in Toronto, which could have meant a substantial claim, project delay, and a water loss of more than 16,000 gallons. The system quickly detected the issue and shut off the appropriate water zone, saving significantly on cost, preventing repairs, tenant displacement, and potential downtime.

“Water damage is a major risk to building managers and owners. Combining our LoRaWAN network to include Eddy’s award-winning system creates an intelligent environment that helps mitigate risk and lower operational costs,” commented Bryan Witkowski, head of strategic planning at MachineQ.

“Our system continues to rely on the incredible technology provided by MachineQ, and we’re proud to extend our partnership to their key customer markets and use cases for water protection,” added Travis Allan, CEO and president of Eddy Solutions. “Protection against the massive risk of water damage is often overlooked but imperative for businesses to consider.”