451 Research has published its first Foresight Report, The Coming Revolution: 5G and its Impact on IT. This in-depth report, available for free download, explores the potential technological and business impact of 5G on the IT industry over the next decade.

451 Research believes that 5G will have a catalytic effect on a wide range of IT technology and services, impacting almost all parts of industry and society far beyond mobile technologies and business models. 451 recommends that any supplier that is touched by the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services, consumer electronics or automation needs to assess the coming impact of 5G.

“IT players need to think about IoT now and 5G soon,” said Ken Rehbehn, principal analyst, mobile telecom, at 451 Research. “Whether it is real-time analytics, datacentre design, location-based Web services, or social networks and digital currencies, 5G will affect demand patterns as early as 2018. This Foresight project takes a holistic view of the far-reaching consequences to help IT companies prepare strategies.”