Senet and ProSentry have announced a partnership to deliver smart building solutions utilizing Senet’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for private LoRaWAN network deployments and smart building sensor management.

Senet’s Platform-as-a-Service allows solution providers, like ProSentry, to deploy LoRaWAN gateways exclusive to their customers’ environments while leveraging the benefits of Senet’s cloud-based managed network services and Radio Access Network (RAN) tools to provision, monitor, and manage gateways dedicated to their environments, ensuring the delivery of carrier-grade service required for building monitoring applications.

“Whether installing a new system or retrofitting a building, a small number of low-cost LoRaWAN gateways can easily deliver connectivity for an entire building and provide the foundation for a holistic building monitoring solution,” said John Rusk, president and founder of ProSentry. “Reliable network connectivity is critical to the delivery of our services and Senet’s Platform-as-a-Service and RAN tools ensure we are able to deploy, manage, and monitor our network infrastructure and sensor deployments, bringing innovation and ease to better building monitoring.”