Everynet BV has partnered with Actility, to provide seamless network integration between Everynet’s carrier-grade national networks and Actility’s IoT platforms around the world. The collaboration aims at broadening accessibility to LoRaWAN coverage for current and future clients of both companies.

Everynet provides low-cost neutral-host LoRaWAN national networks and current coverage is available, among others, in Brazil, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Italy, United Kingdom and Spain. The collaboration will grant Actility’s existing and future clients access to the public and extended coverage in all territories where Everynet is present.

Actility provides a highly reliable and advanced IoT platform, already powering the vast majority (over 50) of public nationwide LoRaWAN deployments and hundreds of companies all over the world. Everynet and Actility’s networks are interconnected through ThingPark Exchange, the first global LoRaWAN® peering hub in the industry, going through accelerated growth and is already connecting 20 LoRaWAN networks worldwide. The ThingPark Exchange hub facilitates the activation of devices in any country for solution providers with a global footprint.

“The synergy with Actility’s platform is a great opportunity to offer, at global scale, the best-in-class service based on LoRaWAN technology” states Antonio Terlizzi, Everynet VP of global sales. “In Everynet, we have the clear mission to provide the most scalable, convenient and easy to use connectivity to our Clients. Being able to offer, at zero CAPEX, a national scale coverage is an incomparable advantage for the industry, enabling new businesses and use cases that help the environment and improve our quality of life.”

“Our collaboration with Everynet is enabling a faster adoption of IoT solutions globally through expansion and mutual integration of LoRaWAN networks, and it will help both companies in offering advanced solutions to our existing and future clients. Now solution providers can collect and process data easily from any of our networks. Roaming/peering and global activation are the technologies that mark the entry of LoRaWAN into an era of mass scale and pervasive availability” said Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility.