Tesvolt has a new battery storage system, which for the first time has its own energy management system (EMS) and an integrated industrial inverter. The TS-I HV 80 is designed to achieve exceptionally high power electricity cost savings through the use of intelligent functions. The new power quality technology ensures high power quality that prolongs the lifespan of machines in commercial and industrial settings. The new storage system also provides reliable back-up power. Installers can sign up for training webinars now.

“This new storage system incorporates the full breadth of our expertise. Our goal was to develop a true allstar,” says Simon Schandert, founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Tesvolt. “And indeed the TS-I HV 80 is unmatched in terms of versatility. It has practically every function one could wish for and is therefore even more effective in tapping the potential to save electricity costs.”

The TS-I HV 80 shaves peak loads more efficiently thanks to recording of load profile measurement, optimises self-consumption and provides back-up power. It functions on-grid and off-grid, as well as semi-off-grid, is black start-capable and reacts to power requirements from the utility grid within milliseconds. The new storage system is also suitable as a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. And it doesn’t require much space, delivering up to 340 kW with a footprint of just half a square metre.

“The integrated energy management system is essentially the brains of the storage system. It captures the energy flows of all consumers and generators and controls them as efficiently as possible – in real time,” explains Thomas Scholz, EMS product manager at Tesvolt. This makes it possible to combine a range of applications, such as optimised self-consumption and intelligent peak shaving – until now, operators had to choose one of the possible uses in advance. “The storage system adapts to the individual requirements of commercial and industrial uses and thus saves even more electricity costs.”

The EMS consists of the Tesvolt Energy Manager and the myTESWORLD portal. It is available as a free Basic version and a fee-based Pro version with additional functions, such as multi-use.

The integrated power quality technology ensures good and consistent power quality; i.e. it stabilises voltage and frequency, and reduces load imbalance, reactive power and harmonics in the commercial operation's utility grid. “The improved power quality extends the lifespan of the machines, which allows the storage systems to amortise very quickly for industrial companies,” says Christian Löffler, product manager at Tesvolt. “We achieve this with an active utility grid filter, which is a truly unique selling point on the market.”

“Like our other storage systems, the TS-I HV 80 can be expanded even years later. So if the customer enlarges a photovoltaic system after 10 years, for example, the battery storage system can be expanded as well,” says Schandert.

The TS-I HV 80 is available from 76 kWh and can be modularly expanded to several MWh. The integrated three-phase inverter has a capacity of 75 kW.