VARTA has a new brand identity with a new design and with the new brand claim "Empowering Independence": In the future, the group will emphasize its role as a technology company with the clear vision of defining battery technology for a more independent life.

With the reintegration of the household battery business and the review of the most successful business year in its 135-year history, VARTA AG underlines this historic moment with a new brand identity.

“Under the modernised brand identity, VARTA is entering a strengthened future in which we will continue to grow and, above all, continue to be profitable,” says Herbert Schein, CEO VARTA AG.

As a technology company, VARTA relies on a consistent further development of the logo with the redesign of its brand presence. The striking VARTA "beam", the original V-shaped beam of a flashlight, which has always been part of the logo, was retained as a core component, further developed and given a larger stage in the new appearance. This gives the logo with lettering and figurative mark more flexibility in application. The lettering already reflects and embodies the iconic symbol with "V" and "A" and has been adapted in its proportions to the figurative mark. The lettering is thus also intended to reflect VARTA's new orientation as a technology company. The iconic VARTA blue was slightly modified and sharpened.

With the current brand claim "Empowering Independence," which also represents the brand essence, VARTA is placing even more focus on its customers and partners and underlining the company's vision: "We define the future of battery technology to empower a more independent life.”

“With the new brand identity, we at VARTA are carrying out a transformation that makes the company visible to the outside world with its attitude and new self-image. Brand, logo and corporate developments are in harmony with each other for a strong future“, says Andreas Fritz, head of group marketing VARTA AG.