01T has announced its new, purpose-built global network, GNX. Global Network Exchange (GNX) is a high-capacity network designed, built, and operated by 01T in-house. Truly globally reaching, GNX revolutionises global connectivity with speed, simplicity, and service.

By using GNX, customers can access multiple services at any scale, from one single port. Available at any GNX point of presence, businesses can enable the power of cloud connections, internet access, Point to Point services, industry-leading security and more, without compromise or complication, at speeds from 100M to 100G - one port, multiple services.

This innovative feature continues 01T’s mission of providing intelligent, cost-effective, and agile global connectivity solutions to businesses around the world.

Alex Lower, CEO, 01T commented: “Businesses are in constant need of robust, specific, and complex connectivity solutions, which with traditional carriers would incur considerable costs, in-house management, and use of precious business resources – with the result often producing a sub-standard solution. Our multi-service approach dodges this process and delivers customers world-class connectivity solutions without compromise, all under one service or port. In a world where connectivity requirements are ever-changing and increasingly critical to business services, organisations need agility to ensure they can be proactive to marketplace changes. Traditional connectivity does not allow for this. Our intrinsic commitment to intelligent and detail-oriented design, coupled with GNX, means that 01T certainly can.”