Ontix and TCM IP Services have partnered to deliver an innovative solution for in-building connectivity in the UK. Ontix’ specialist indoor team will deliver a full turnkey solution, including site survey and design, with TCM IP Services building out the solution, working with building owners and developers to install infrastructure and provide ongoing service. The two companies have already proven the model through successful pilot programs in prominent buildings across Central London.

Designed and delivered by Ontix, the new process will see the delivery of efficient and affordable Open RAN (O-RAN), indoor multi-operator mobile signal services for entire buildings, with the provision of carrier-grade 4G voice and data coverage for all UK mobile operators. TCM IP Services are contracted as a leading UK partner to deliver these exciting new services.

The innovative service model will see multi-operator indoor mobile services made available to all tenants, whatever the building, with the economies of scale delivered by the building-wide deployment offering significant improvements to tenants. The deployment will use small cell technology to provide comprehensive coverage throughout buildings, delivering unrivalled 4G performance with a clear upgrade path to 5G.

“As the world returns to the office following two years of remote working – and in many cases using mobile devices as a sole point of contact – it is imperative that everyone can get a mobile phone signal wherever they are in a building and whenever they need it,” said Patrick Bradd, CEO at Ontix. “Having excellent connectivity lies at the heart of the modern office, and we’re delighted to be at the forefront of delivering a new era of high-quality indoor coverage buildings alongside TCM and a roster of market-leading partners.”

“London is booming with ground-breaking property developments, pushing the boundaries of modern architecture and the smart technology that is embedded throughout their infrastructure,” said Thomas McAuley, director at TCM IP Services. “We’re delighted to be working with Ontix to deliver this innovative and cost-effective connectivity solution providing the highest quality 4G coverage and future-proof infrastructure to also deliver 5G.”