Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) is convinced of that the expansion of broadband networks can be accelerated further. A new contribution is the turnkey Point of Presence (PoP) cell for fiber optic networks developed by R&M Germany. It saves weeks of construction and installation work in the field and increases the pace of FTTH expansion.

R&M can equip the PoP building with everything that is needed at fiber optic network nodes. Network operators and construction companies can select sizes and equipment from a set provided by R&M. They no longer have to worry about technical details, standards, local and climatic conditions, parts lists, or assembly. “Our principle is: one PoP – one partner,” explains Gabriel Bogdan, managing director of R&M Germany and Austria. In addition to the finished delivery of the cells, the R&M program covers all steps from project planning to commissioning.

R&M has the PoP stations produced in Germany and takes them to the construction site using flatbed trucks. On-site, the cables, and pipe fittings simply have to be pulled from the ground, fed into the cabinet, and then connected.

The PoP stations provide space for installing anywhere between 4,608 and 32,256 fibers or ports. The distribution frames and modules come from the R&M foxs and PRIME ODF ranges. The stations are made of reinforced concrete, measure nine to 18 square meters and weigh up to 30 tons. In addition to FO racks, the equipment includes cable guides, power supply units, IT systems, air conditioning, lighting, fire protection, and security systems.

Reference projects show that broadband projects can be significantly accelerated with the help of the R&M solution. Among other things, the town of Halle, Westphalia, had five turnkey PoP stations installed by R&M. Deutsche Telekom AG recently started feeding its signal into the local FTTH network at these hubs. Now the town of Halle, Westphalia, can provide gigabit-fast Internet access on its outskirts. This represents a major benefit for 1132 private households and 261 companies.