Redstone has won a £0.75 million contract to design and install an in-building cellular system serving nearly one million square feet of office space in the city of London. The contract is for one of Redstone's existing clients’ UK Headquarters and will see it design and install technology from global wireless technology provider CommScope.

In-building cellular systems allow building occupants to use their mobile phones and mobile-connected devices where signal would otherwise be an issue, and are therefore valuable to organisations where a connected workforce is important.

Mark Braund, CEO of Redstone (and Coms plc), commented: "In-building mobile coverage is important as mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) becomes the expected norm in today's smart working environments. Steel, concrete and infrastructure limits signal strength, often to zero, creating strong demand for increasingly sophisticated solutions to overcome this. In-building cellular systems are the answer.”

Redstone is the first smart building technology integrator to win an in-building cellular contract of this scale in the UK; and it represents an example of one of its new offerings in smart building technology.

The deal is the first sale of CommScope’s ION-E technology in the UK. ION-E provides a number of advantages over other systems including its ability to make use of existing infrastructure and digital technology within a building, thereby reducing costs and simplifying installation.

Mark Braund continues: “By investing in skills and talent in late-2015, Redstone has quickly become first to market in the enterprise-scale smart building space with these solutions. We expect this market to grow rapidly in importance, providing Redstone with increased demand and helping us further extend our leadership position in providing smart building solutions."