Schneider Electric has launched the Smart Services webinar programme. The series will cover the full spectrum of Schneider’s Service offerings, from cybersecurity and electrical safety to reaching net-zero and eMobility.

Each webinar will be hosted by one of 11 Schneider Electric experts. Industry professionals will have access to a next level of guidance and insight from these hosts, with webinars available through the Schneider Electric website.

Each episode will focus on one of three pillars of Schneider’s service offerings – safe, sustainable, and secure. Covering a wide range of themes means there will be something for everyone, with episode topics including:

  • How to maintain critical IT infrastructure in the new normal: Schneider’s Paul Armstrong will explore the maintenance of IT systems in the remote, connected future.
  • eMobility – how to build a sustainable charging infrastructure: Schneider Electric’s Seth Townsley will share how to ensure our EVs are as green as can be, with sustainable charging.
  • Arcflash - How safe is your workforce?: Consultancy Solutions Manager Kev Jones will unveil the key considerations for employers to protect their talent from the risks of arc fault.
  • The road to net zero – 5 easy ways to start your journey: Schneider Electric experts will discuss their top tips for businesses to achieve their sustainability and carbon-reduction goals.

The series of over 20 webinars kicks off on the 7th of June 2021 and will continue with a steady stream of episodes, available on-demand, until April 2022.

David Pownall, VP of services at Schneider Electric commented “The Smart Services webinar series was set up to support customers in running their businesses in a safe, secure and sustainable way. We understand the level of insight and collaboration needed to get the most out of modern technologies. We hope that by bringing together our deep and wide-ranging expertise on hot topics like eMobility, cybersecurity and electrical safety, along with our innovative software and digital service offerings, this series will empower our customers to make the most of the smart, digital and connected tools available.”