Siemens Smart Infrastructure has announced an open, modular suite of grid software to address the increasingly critical energy transition. The suite is a game changer for established energy players and new stakeholders alike, enabling them to be fast, agile and flexible when coping with existing and future challenges.

Siemens has already made significant steps to improve its offering for smart meter data management such as a cloud native option or improved task efficiency by up to 85 percent by redefining the user experience. Siemens’ software also enables customers to run grid protection simulations up to six times faster than the current speed of execution, supporting utilities to better plan, operate and maintain power networks. All upcoming modules of the software suite from Siemens will be developed following specific design principles to interact seamlessly and enable agility. At the same time, they will keep the power grid cyber resilient while also creating a digital twin of the grid throughout planning, simulation, real-time operations and maintenance of power grids.

“The speed and scale of changes in the energy system are unprecedented, as distributed energy resources grow exponentially. Power grids are at the heart of a sustainable energy system and are becoming increasingly more complex. We cannot manage this complexity without open, modular and interoperable software,” said Sabine Erlinghagen, CEO of Grid Software at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. “By introducing the most comprehensive software suite in the market to date, we are leading the change to shape the grids of the future to a 100 percent renewable world. We are aware we cannot achieve the energy transition alone – we work with customers and partners.”

Siemens also announced that it is collaborating with leading players of the industry to rethink grid management jointly. Working together in a co-innovation approach, the partners seek to find ways to seamlessly plan, operate, maintain and optimize power grids. Working closely with customers that use Siemens’ software will support faster adoption and integration. To date, partners include companies such as CESC Limited (India), CMY Solutions (USA), Elvia (Norway), Hawaiian Electric (USA), IRETI (Italy), KNG-Kärnten Netz GmbH (Austria), Quanta Technology (USA), Stadtwerke Flensburg (Germany) and Statnett (Norway).

Siemens is also open to complementary product partners aspiring to jointly innovate in the grid software space and will foster its partner network to support customers’ workflows end-to-end.