Siemon has released of its LightVerse high-density fibre optic cabling system that improves fibre network performance, manageability, scalability, and flexibility in data centre and LAN environments.

Engineered for excellence with a range of sleek enclosures and panels, the fully featured LightVerse system is specifically designed to address today’s fibre installation challenges, while also providing a robust, quality foundation for evolving network requirements.

Available in 1U Core and Plus versions and 1U, 2U, or 4U Pro versions ideal to support a wide variety of applications, LightVerse supports up to 96 fibre terminations in a single rack unit for any termination method, including pre-terminated, field terminated, and splice terminated fibre deployments. The system’s wide array of transition modules, pass-through adapters, pre-loaded enclosed splice cassettes, and stackable translucent splice trays support unique network needs and multiple connector types, including LC, shuttered LC, MTP, SC, ST and FC.

Integrated front and optional rear cable managers, cable strain relief brackets that can be mounted in different locations, and multiple cable entry points facilitate flexible design and installation options with maximum fibre manageability and protection.

LightVerse features a front- and rear-accessed high-contrast sliding tray and integrated label holder, which can be accessed when the door is closed, ensure easy access, inspection, and administration of critical fibre connections.

“With the ability to support transmission speeds to 400G and beyond for current, emerging, and future applications, fibre has become the dominant media in today’s data centre and is continuing to increase in LAN backbone environments. At the same time, businesses today are highly focused on avoiding risk, improving operational efficiency, and staying agile and competitive in the digital age,” says Tony Walker, fibre product marketing manager for Siemon. “Built upon more than 20 years of Siemon high-density fibre experience, the user-centric design of the new LightVerse system delivers the performance, quality and reliability customers and installers expect from Siemon solutions, while it also provides the ideal solution for protecting your network investment, delivering exceptional ease of installation and flexibility so you can scale at speed.”