Schneider Electric is introducing digital, simplified and open PrismaSeT and ComPacT as enablers of clean and smart Electricity 4.0.

The company believes that power systems carrying smart and clean electricity must form the foundation of our net-zero world. Partnerships offer the most effective way to scale smart software-enabled bi-directional grids capable of absorbing the maximum share of renewable energy and laying the foundation for an effective energy transition.

This is the only way to build the capacity and resilience the network requires to accommodate the expected surge in demand for clean power, supporting the mega trends of mass digitization, greater electrification, along with the increasing role of natively connected digital products and software, in a bid to unleash sustainability and energy efficiency at scale.

Rohan Kelkar, executive vice-president of power products, said: "Smart grids are key to providing efficient, resilient and future-proof energy supply. They enable us to predict, detect, and prevent outages before they happen. To bring our net zero future to fruition faster, partnerships in the energy space must be harnessed for green sustainable innovation. We know that decentralized energy systems are the future. Yet, the inherent complexities that digital transformation projects bring with them may cause decision paralysis and implementation delays. Through ‘Partnerships of the Future’, our goal is to remove barriers to entry, and equip our partners with strategies, solutions, and services for increased sustainability and efficiency."

Furthering its quest to strengthen global efforts of designing a more resilient, sustainable electric world, Schneider Electric introduces a suite of smart solutions designed to be high-paced, built-to-demand, supportive and simplified, complete with native connectivity to make sustainable and electrical safety goals achievable for its robust network of partners.