SolarEdge Technologies will unveil SolarEdge ONE, a new energy operating system, at Intersolar Europe.

SolarEdge ONE makes hundreds of optimal energy decisions every day based on smart predictions of solar production, energy consumption patterns and electricity tariffs. It enables homeowners to maximize the use of excess PV, exploit periods of off-peak pricing and optimize the home’s load-control in real-time, saving energy and costs.

SolarEdge ONE was developed to overcome homeowner uncertainty around prevailing utility rates such as dynamic and time-of-use tariffs, as well as complicated import/export combinations in Europe. The system’s AI-based algorithms can respond to dynamic pricing every 15 minutes, maximizing energy export during peak market pricing periods and automatically adjusting to charge the home’s battery when electricity tariffs are lower. Optimal management of PV backup and storage also ensures more reliable and longer backup duration. The result is expected to offer opportunities for significant savings for homeowners on their annual electricity costs when coupled with a SolarEdge battery.