SolarEdge Technologies has announced the UK launch of its 100kW Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology. Designed to improve the profitability of larger PV installations, the SE100K inverter offers up to 150% DC oversizing to maximise energy generation. The solution also includes a built-in nighttime Potential Induced Degradation (PID) rectifier to prevent module performance degradation that can lead to reduced energy production over time.

“The new Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology addresses two growing demands in the European C&I sector,” says Alfred Karlstetter, general manager of SolarEdge Europe. “While providing the core benefits of DC optimisation and high-resolution monitoring, it offers system owners and investors increased power and scalability for improved bottom lines, and also addresses installer demand for faster commissioning and installation processes.”

The 100kW inverter introduces an innovative pre-commissioning feature that allows installers to fully and automatically validate system components from their smartphones, before grid connection. This significantly speeds up the installation process by flagging and resolving any potential wiring or connectivity issues ahead of time.

Its lightweight, modular design also means individual units can be installed by a two-person team without the need for specialist equipment, bringing further time and cost savings.

SolarEdge’s Synergy technology splits the functionality of solar inverters into three independent units, which are easily controlled by a single management interface. This improves PV system uptime by ensuring that in the unlikely event of any technical faults connected to one of the units, the rest of the system will continue to generate energy.

In addition to SolarEdge’s advanced safety features, including integrated arc fault protection and rapid shutdown, the solution introduces added protection with built-in thermal sensors on the DC and AC terminal blocks, as well as surge protection devices.

SolarEdge’s Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology is available for order in the following power ratings: 66.6kW, 90kW and 100kW, along with 120kW for 480V grids.