Trina Solar has teamed up with a leading manufacturer of central solar inverters and the energy storage leader, Power Electronics to build a large PV system on the rooftop of the latter’s new headquarters in Valencia, Spain.

The 3.5MW array is driven by Trina Solar’s signature Vertex panels and will generate sufficient energy to effectively make Power Electronics’ central operations carbon neutral.

The system is expected to generate 6,000 MWh of clean solar energy per year – more than the equivalent of Power Electronics’ annual energy consumption at this central facility. In peak times, and after satisfying on-site demand, surplus solar energy is fed into the grid.

The system is energized by more than 6,300 Trina Solar Vertex panels. Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline multi-busbar PERC cell, the Vertex module comes with several innovative design features such as non-destructive cell cutting and high-density interconnect technology for low voltage and maximum string power. Excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance result in higher energy harvest.

Gonzalo de la Viña, head of Europe at Trina Solar, commented: “The strong ties between our companies go far beyond module supply. Power Electronics delivers components for our energy storage business, as well as central inverters to the large-scale projects developed by Trina Solar’s International Systems Business Unit. It is a great pleasure and honor to strengthen our collaboration and relationship by providing our products for this outstanding rooftop array on Power Electronics’ spectacular new headquarter building in Valencia.”