Truphone has announced a partnership with wireless lighting specialist Chess, to deliver IoT connectivity across the business.

Using its proprietary network protocol, Chess makes professional environments smart by distributing a wireless network through a location via its lighting infrastructure. This way, an unlimited number of sensors can be added to analyse, control and manage these mechanics in the cloud. Chess will begin using Truphone’s state-of-the-art SIM technology to seamlessly transfer this data to the internet. Truphone’s connectivity services work from the moment they are switched on. No complicated activation process, no wordy manual, just connectivity from the touch of a button.

Chess will utilise Truphone’s IoT network for its Mymesh product line. With Mymesh, users can choose from a wide variety of methods to connect, manage and control thousands of devices simultaneously.

The initial rollout will take place in Chess’ key markets in the UK, France and the Netherlands, with the opportunity to scale with Truphone’s new Pay As You Grow pricing plan. This feature is designed for maximum flexibility and works especially well for customers, like Chess, whose usage in different countries is often varied and unpredictable. We use a post-paid model which covers 175 countries around the world with access to 400 mobile networks. This means Chess is never without coverage. Safety, scalability and reliability are key drivers for Chess. Truphone’s connectivity runs using fallback technology, which ensures there are no drops in service. If one connection fails, it simply connects to another. It’s a simple idea that adds robust reliability to Chess’ platform.

The Truphone network supports 2G, 3G, 4G and CAT-M1/LTE-M worldwide – all with a single SIM card – and gives every customer access to its IoT Connectivity Management platform.

Truphone’s simple, scalable IoT plans simplify the connectivity process, so Chess can focus on what it does best—developing its smart business technology.