JOLT and AECOM have announced an agreement to deploy ultra-fast charging in major European and North American urban centres. Under the agreement, JOLT will manufacture the charging stations and operate the network; while AECOM will develop and execute an international rollout plan, including program management, site development, equipment deployment, commissioning and field services.

JOLT envisions deploying up to 15,000 chargers in 250 urban centers through 2025, split equally between Europe and North America. The deployment will focus on JOLT’s Merlin ultra-fast flexible charger, which can be deployed in virtually any environment. Merlin is designed and developed in Germany specifically for city charging situations, where the existing electricity grid makes the provision of DC fast-charging extremely challenging.

“As we set-off on this adventure, we’re thrilled to have AECOM bring its enormous level of technical expertise and experience to our mission, with an impressive record of delivering complex international projects on time,” says Maurice Neligan, CEO of JOLT.

The companies will collaborate to define a roadmap for the deployments, taking into account e-mobility penetration in the various urban markets, as well as the availability of sites, local commercial and municipal support.

“As a leading advisor to our clients on advancing new strategies to address their ESG priorities, we are delivering services and innovative solutions to enable energy transitions around the globe. The agreement with JOLT brings our global program management capabilities with local market knowledge to efficiently and effectively deploy JOLT’s urban rapid charge solutions with less impact to local electric grids,” says Jeff Woodward, AECOM’s global market sector leader – next generation energy. “The success of e-mobility will largely depend on the availability of convenient and accessible fast charging.”