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How Commercial Facilities Can Use Security Systems to Create a Safer Experience

How Commercial Facilities Can Use Security Systems to Create a Safer Experience

As a building owner or manager, enhancing safety and security is nothing new. But is your building return ready given the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on people?

In a recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research, 68% of the global workforce do not feel

completely safe working in their employer's buildings. This number is even higher for those working remotely: 75% are especially skeptical about the safety of worksites.

8 Ways Security Systems Can Make Facilities Safer and Healthier

Security systems typically may not be viewed as a go-to solution as part of a strategy to create a healthier building environment compared to cleaning procedures or air quality improvements. When using the right security systems and procedures, security professionals have the ability to support goals in achieving safer and healthier buildings:

  • Prepare. Validate that the facility meets the latest industry standards as well as any organization- and/or region-specific safety policies.
  • Monitor. Examine occupant safety and space usage in real time.
  • Reduce. Enforce social-distancing and mask-wearing measures.
  • Respond. Create a way to rapidly react to alerts, changing conditions, and health and safety incidents.
  • Reassure. Improve employee, occupant, and visitor confidence.

To achieve these goals, integrated security systems can be used to:

  1. Deploy sophisticated thermal screening
  2. Control access
  3. Automate the control and management of people flow and building occupancy
  4. Limit interactions with high-touch surfaces
  5. Detect noncompliance with social distancing protocols
  6. Monitor and detect mask compliance
  7. Assist with contact tracing
  8. Gain additional situational awareness

Making a More Secure, Healthier Environment

With modern, integrated security systems, security professionals can take proactive steps to enhance building safety; gain access to critical real-time data about their facility; improve compliance with new and changing regulations; manage people flow and occupancy levels; efficiently screen skin temperatures; detect proper mask usage and social distancing; contract trace; and improve overall situational awareness.

Honeywell is a leader in Healthy Buildings solutions for building owners looking to bring people back to buildings. Take advantage of our online library to learn more about safety, security and making your commercial building return ready.

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